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SERNIS is a Portuguese technologic solutions company that manufactures a wide range of high-quality road safety solutions in the fields of electronics displays, fibre-optics and light-emitting diode (LED) lighting.

Certified with ISO 9001: 2008 and accredited by Switzerland's Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), the company's portfolio includes road studs, flexible bollards, variable message signs (VMS), controllers, intelligent traffic systems (iTS), and LED signs and traffic lights, which combine innovation, efficiency and high-performance.

Waterproof, innovative road studs

SERNIS road studs have been at the forefront of innovation and technology road safety over the past 20 years, making them suitable for a wide range of applications and conditions.

Combining versatility, luminosity and durability, all SERNIS studs are reliable and 100% waterproof.

The company's hard-wired power light road studs are suitable for adverse conditions such as snow or fog and provide high-brightness during day and night.

The high-quality SR-45 (unidirectional) and SR-48 (bi-directional) studs are created to resist adverse conditions.

The SR-50 is the most powerful, resistant and flat road stud on the market. It can be rotated after installed so clients can adjust the road stud light direction after installation.

With a 360º light view, the SR-70 is specifically developed for airports for airplane parking. Already operational at Lisbon Airport, it offers high mechanical strength and supports up to 135t.

Solar road studs

SERNIS' solar studs have low-power consumption and high-autonomy. They absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity. At night, it will then function without an external power source, maintaining constant brightness.

With visibility up to 1km, the SR-15 and SR-20 are ideal for locations without accessible power.

Specially developed for cycle paths, the SR-35 also has 360º lighting to provide guidance and warning to cyclists and drivers.

The solar studs also go into sleep mode after 24 hours without being activated so they can be stored for long periods without reaching critical power levels.

Designed for tunnel applications, the SR-T24 requires no maintenance and is easy to replace.

Flexible bollards

SERNIS' SR-BALI flexible bollards feature an impact-resistant body and high-memory material.

The bollards are ideal for delineating traffic lanes and improving road safety, as they significantly reduce the average speed and disallow dangerous actions as overtaking or changing lanes.

Its versatility makes them ideal for safety and protection applications in roads, highways, urban places and public streets.

The SR-CITY-BALI is ideal for urban area delimitation and is available in diameters of 80mm and 130mm. It also features 3M reflective tape to enable increased visibility at night.

These bollards strengthen separation and cohesion in landscape design while enhancing pedestrian safety and walkability.

The SR-BALI-LF is resistant to light and heavy vehicles, making it ideal for area delimitation and road delineation applications.

All bollards feature UV protection to minimize maintenance and prevent fading in sunlight.

Its flexible construction is able to absorb the impact. When struck, flexible bollards typically blend 90° to ground, reducing damages to vehicles and surroundings surfaces and return to their original, upright position. Product test report results showed that after 1,000 hits, bollards return to their original position.

SERNIS' easy-to-install bollards are made from durable and rigid polyurethane to ensure a long-lasting performance.

LED signs

SERNIS has a wide range of LED road signs featuring high-quality material such as 3M diamond grade reflectors and Nichia LEDs.

This ensures the LED signs have high-durability and brightness.

In addition to standard products, SERNIS offers customizable signs as per the client's request.

Variable message signage

SERNIS has several varieties of VMS.

The company also manufactures and customizes any type of VMS.

Traffic speed radars

The SERNIS traffic radar system has traffic enforcement speed and monitoring data for precise recording of speed violations and prevention of traffic offences.

Available in fixed and portable versions, both variants have real-time image visualization and remote access communication.

LED streetlights

SERNIS' LED luminaires offer high-performance lighting with low-energy consumption. They can also replace conventional luminaries without implementing new infrastructures.

The company also offers LED floodlights for outdoor and tunnel applications, as well as crosswalk lighting.

Thermal intelligent crossing systems

The SR-TICS thermal technology-based system detects pedestrians at crosswalks by real-time image processing.

This automatically manages the activation of a set of warnings through vertical signs and road studs to safely and effectively alert drivers.

The SR-TICS have a thermal camera that doesn't see sun glare responding only to the heat signature, providing 24h vehicle detection regardless of the amount of light available, reducing the risks of accidents in crosswalks.

Thermal intelligent crosswalk eyes solutions

The SR-TICE thermal technology system can help people with visual disabilities to decide to cross pedestrian crosswalks that do not have traffic lights.

The blind person must use a special cane or a smartphone with an app installed with a vibration system that will alert them to the presence of the system.

It will vibrate in three different ways: when there are no vehicles on the road (on both sides), when the cars are approaching and the pedestrian must not pass and when the cars stopped and the pedestrian can cross.

To ensure greater reliability, this system also has a thermal camera that doesn't see sun glare responding only to the heat signature, detecting and giving 24h detection of vehicles, regardless of the amount of light available.

Ice detection systems

The SR-IDS integrated system detects the possibility of ice formation on roads and alert drivers with visual warnings so they can reduce their speed and drive carefully.

The solution accurately monitors the possibility of ice formation for drivers, and the Outdoor and Indoor Parking System with real-time image processing helps drivers to find parking spots.

The system consists of a transmitter that analyses the information before transmitting it to the receiver. Whenever there is a possibility of ice formation, the receiver triggers the warning system, which keeps operating until effective temperature and humidity re-stabilises.

Thermal-enabled wrong way intelligent detectors

The SR-TWWID offers real-time detection for vehicles driving in wrong way.

Vehicles in the wrong direction represent a serious risk to road safety. The aim of SR-TWWID is aware drivers in the wrong way of the risk in order to get the vehicle in the correct direction before a serious incident happens.

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