Road Safety Solutions, Traffic Bollards, LED Signs and Streetlights


SERNIS is an established provider of high-quality road safety solutions through LED lighting, digital displays and fibre-optics.

Certificated according to ISO9001/2008 standards and accredited by SGS, SERNIS develops products with an emphasis on social responsibility.

The company's research group has extensive industry knowledge and strategic partnerships, making SERNIS a fast and efficient organisation with a competitive-edge.

Road safety is the company's core business, with a broad product range to meet this need, covering road studs, flexible bollards, LED signs and traffic Lights, variable message signs (VMS), controllers and iTS.,

Products are a combination of technological innovations with high-performance, helping meet the intense demands of roads worldwide.

Robust road studs with flexibility

For more than two decades, SERNIS road studs are at the forefront of industry standards for innovation and performance.

SERNIS has several models of road studs for different applications and conditions. Their main strengths are versatility, luminosity and durability. Moreover, all SERNIS studs are completely reliable and 100% waterproof.

SERNIS Hardwired Power Light Road Studs have robust construction, which makes SR-20CP, SR-45, SR-48 and SR-70 suitable for harsh conditions, such as snow or fog. They have high- brightness during day and night.

Created to resist extreme conditions, the SR-45 (unidirectional) and SR-48 (bidirectional) are extremely high quality studs.

SR-50 is the most powerful, resistant and flat road stud on the market. This innovative product can be be rotated and have its light direction altered after it has been installed on the road.

With a 360° light view, SR-70 is specifically developed for airports for the parking of aircraft. Already in-use at Lisbon Airport, it is the stud with the highest mechanical strength and capable of withstanding weights of 135t.

SERNIS's solar studs have low power consumption and high autonomy. With visibility up to 1km, SR-15 and SR-20 are ideal for remote locations. Specially developed to provide guidance at cycle paths, SR-35 also has a 360° lighting that provide guidance and warning to cyclists and motorists.

SERNIS's solar road studs have a new feature: after 24 hours without being activated, they go into 'SLEEP MODE'. This enables them to now be stored for long periods without reaching critical levels of power.

Designed for tunnel applications, SR-T24 requires no maintenance and is very easy to replace.

Flexible, hi-vis bollards for road lane separation

SR-BALI is a simple solution for defining road lanes and improving safety for motorists, workers, and pedestrians. Using bollards on roads help to cut average speeds and limits opportunities to stray into other lanes or overtake.

SR-BALI units are made from high memory materials capable of withstanding considerable impacts. Their flexibility makes them the perfect solution for a number of road applications requiring vehicle restrictions such as motorways, urban areas or pedestrianised streets.

For urban areas, SR-CITY-BALI is a flexible solution for road lane definition. Available in diameters of 80mm and 130mm, they are fitted with 3M high-reflective tape and bands, featuring two glass rows to allow high-visibility at night. These bollards allow intended separations to be implemented while optimising pedestrian safety.

SR-BALI-LF bollards are resistant to light and heavy vehicles ideal for area delimitation and road delineation.

Maintenance for bollards is kept to a minimum due to their UV protection functionality, which also helps stops colours fading caused by sunlight. Its flexible construction is able to absorb the impact.

When struck, flexible bollards typically blend 90° to ground, minimising damage to vehicles and surroundings surfaces, and return to their original, upright position. Product test report results showed that even after 1,000 hits, SERNIS bollards are still able return to their original position.

SERNIS bollards are extremely robust and easy-to-install, with long-term performance enabled by the rigid PU materials used in their construction.

Standard and customised LED road signs

SERNIS supplies a wide range of LED road signs all made from the highest quality materials such as 3M diamond grade reflectors and Nichia LED. This ensures the LED signs have high durability and brightness.

As well as standard products, SERNIS can also produce signs of any type or dimensions upon request.

Variable message signs (VMS) for road safety information

SERNIS has several varieties of VMS. The company can also manufacture customised VMS signs according to specific client dimensions.

Traffic speed radars for roads

SERNIS traffic radar system is able to precisely monitor and record vehicle speed offences, capturing accurate data for law enforcement or research.

The system comes in both fixed and mobile versions, with real-time image visualisation and remote access communication.

LED streetlights and floodlights for night-time visibility

The LED luminaries developed by SERNIS are products with evolutionary technological development with sustainability. These are high-performance luminaries providing excellent lighting while consuming very low levels of energy. They can also replace conventional luminaries without the need to implement new infrastructure.

Furthermore, SERNIS has LED floodlights for outdoors and tunnel applications, and also LED crosswalk lights.

Ice detectors for road and parking space

Sernis has developed integrated solutions for road safety in addition to the above. The SR-IDS intelligent ice detector allows accurate monitoring of the possibility of ice formation in any dangerous place for drivers and the Outdoor and Indoor Parking System with real-time image processing, which helps drivers find parking spaces.

Research and development

Our R&D department has developed a number of innovative road safety solutions, including:

  • SR-TICS: The Thermal Intelligent Crossing System alerts road users to people using pedestrian crossing through sensors, using image processing in real-time
  • SR-TICE: The Thermal Intelligent Crosswalk Eyes enables partially sighted people to cross roads without needing to find traffic lights. A smartphone app with vibrate function alerts users of the system, allowing safe crossing of roads
  • SR-IDS: Ice Detector System detect ice forming on roads and alert drivers with visual warnings to reduce speed and drive with care
  • SR-TWWID: The Thermal Wrong Way Intelligent Detector spots vehicles driving the wrong way, sending alerts to relevant parties to avert collisions

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