Nordic Lights Heavy-Duty Lighting for Road Traffic Systems

Nordic Lights is a leading company in the design and manufacture of LED worklights, high-intensity gas discharge (HID) xenon worklights and halogen worklights, as well as innovative xenon driving lights for the road traffic industry.

We remain a pioneer in the supply of light technology for heavy-duty equipment. Our lamps are used in the most demanding working environments around the globe.

Heavy-duty worklights for road traffic

The success of Nordic Lights products is based on their durability. This is the number one criteria for our customers. All our products go through extensive test procedures before released on the market and utilise our patented dampening solutions. Our products can be found on machines and vehicles within the truck, trailer and emergency, material handling, construction, forestry, agricultural and mining industries.

High-quality road traffic optics

Nordic Lights supplies several of the leading manufacturers of heavy-duty road machinery with lighting solutions across the world. We want to offer the right solution for each customer and therefore a large number of our manufactured products are tailor made.

Combinations of different light patterns, brackets, vibration dampeners and cable connections can be applied to optimise a light for different applications and a specific set of conditions.

LED and HID lighting for heavy-duty machinery

The visibility offered by the high-quality optics of our lights supports your machines and helps maintain high working efficiency during dark working hours. Our products require very little maintenance and ensure that darkness, vibration, shock, dust and humidity will not decrease visibility when the results of your work and your safety depend on effective lighting.

We continuously improve our performance and aim to minimise the environmental impact of our operations and our products. We utilise six sigma methodologies and are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. We will also soon be certified according to ISO/TS 16949.

Heavy-duty LED worklamps for roads

LED is the latest light technology on the market. The lifespan of the LED, up to 50,000 work hours, far outlives any bulbs. LED lights are maintenance free and have relatively low power consumption.

Nordic Lights’ know-how in designing heavy-duty work lamps means the company has the ability to produce durable state-of-the-art LED work lights that live up to their full potential. They have superior illumination and produce a real-life light output comparable with HIDs.

The Nordic N44LED is suitable for most industries and offers a compact and waterproof light featuring a 12V-24V multi-voltage use. The Nordic N25LED is designed for applications, where high service life and durability is important in extremely tough conditions.

HID lights for road safety

HID technology is still more efficient then LEDs in terms of the lumen / watt output, even if the LED technology is closing in fast. HID lights offers many technological advantages over conventional halogen lights, for starters higher colour temperature offering a light very similar to daylight, reduced heat, and considerably longer lifetime (on average ten times of a standard halogen bulb). Customers get twice the illumination of a 100W halogen for only a third of the power consumption.

The Nordic N1300HID Explorer auxiliary driving light offers a powerful high beam for heavy use. The Nordic N45HID combines Nordic Lights’ proven HID output with an all new ultra-compact design.

Halogen work lights for road safety

Halogen (incandescent / heat driven) offers a considerably more affordable solution for your lighting needs. Combined with Nordic Lights’ optics and patented dampening solutions you will get a easily serviceable lamp and a lot of light for your buck.

Nordic Lights halogen work lights only use high-quality heavy-duty bulbs supplied from one of the leading manufacturers in the world. The lifetime of a standard halogen bulb is approximately 500 hours, with up to 70% of the power input wasted in heat.

The Nordic N520 integrates headlight, indicator and park light in one assembly. The Nordic N300, N100 and N25 Flushmount versions are ideal for easy mounting in apparatus with little space and therefore suitable for a wide range of road machines.

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