Technology and consulting company Indra has secured a contract for the Ruta del Cacao Concession, which consists of the Bucaramanga-Barrancabermeja-Yondó highway.

Under the terms of the €10.5m contract, Indra will cover the technology requirement with its Mova Traffic, Mova Collect, Mova Protect and Mova Comms solutions to run the operation and financial management of the Ruta del Cacao roadway.

The 152km-long roadway connects the capital of Santander with the country’s main oil production centres.

Indra will create a control centre to fully administer and control all the smart transport, safety and toll collection systems along the highway’s outdoor section of the roadway, two tunnels, 34 viaducts and four toll stations.

The company’s Horus integrated traffic and tunnel management platform and Mova Traffic solutions will provide real-time information on the highway.

The Automatic Incident Detection System (AID) of the solution integrates information from cameras and sensors, and automatically sends alerts to the control centre during any emergency.

Variable signage systems also provide drivers with information on road conditions.

Mova Collect includes electronic tolls system, which allows vehicles to pass without having to stop by the toll station.

Additionally, Indra will provide intelligent traffic systems (ITS) that comprise closed-circuit television systems (CCTV), traffic counters, road signage, SOS posts, incident detection, lighting control, a loudspeaker system and ventilation control, as well as anemometers, luminance metres, opacimeters and CO/NO/NO2 detectors inside the tunnels.

Ruta del Cacao will reduce the connection time between Bucaramanga and the oil port by one hour.