US-based mobility analytics provider Inrix has launched a Cloud-based alerting solution to help people avoid dangerous driving situations.

Inrix Smart Alerts is designed to identify incidents such as congestion, dangerous slowdowns and road closures through anomalies in traffic flow.

Unlike traditional radius-based push alerts, the system uses artificial intelligence (AI) and a vehicle’s probable route along intercept paths to notify only the vehicles that could be impacted.

It can also alert drivers on the path of a sudden speed decrease in order to minimise rear-end collisions, as well as informing drivers of parking restrictions.

The solution does not require additional software or an in-car navigation system, and can provide notifications to drivers even when they are not using navigation.

Inrix automotive senior vice-president Greg Corley said: “All drivers deserve timely and relevant alerts that actually apply to them, whether it’s avoiding a hard-braking slowdown or a parking ticket.

“Inrix Smart Alerts can predict and notify only the affected vehicles, leaving all others undisturbed.”

In October, Netherlands-based location data company HERE Technologies partnered with Inrix to introduce a complete parking solution.

The solution was designed to show on-street and off-street parking availability, dynamic rates and indoor mapping to HERE’s automotive customers.