Location data and platform firm HERE Technologies has teamed up with INRIX, a connected car services and mobility analytics provider, to provide a complete parking solution.

The solution will show on-street and off-street parking availability, dynamic rates and indoor mapping to HERE’s automotive customers.

HERE Parking, a linked vehicle service that enables users to find a parking spot faster, will tap INRIX for static and dynamic, on-street parking data for more than 1,100 cities of 65 countries, as well as off-street parking data in over 20,000 cities in 150 countries.

With the combination of INRIX data and HERE location services, drivers will be able to navigate to an available spot inside a parking garage, seamlessly transition to a companion mobile app for guidance within a building, and also be directed to their car with a find-my-car feature.

Drivers of electric vehicles (EV) will be navigated to a suitable parking spot with the charging capabilities.

The two firms also plan to team up for new parking solutions for automotive customers.

Furthermore, INRIX will tap the HERE Marketplace to monetise traffic analytics data sets further.

INRIX president and CEO Bryan Mistele said: “Our goal has always been to create best-in-class mobility solutions, and our continuing and growing partnership with HERE takes us one step closer. The combined reach of our innovation, coverage and expertise will help drivers around the world find parking smarter and faster.”

By bringing together the learned behaviours of HERE Parking, such as price versus walking distance, with INRIX’s real-time data, analytics and coverage, the new data available through HERE Marketplace will offer coverage and information while guiding drivers to the on-street spaces with the highest chance of availability..

HERE Technologies CEO Edzard Overbeek said: “As we continue to build a robust end-to-end ecosystem of connected car solutions on the HERE platform, we see this as a natural first step towards a gateway for in-car commerce.

“Our HERE Parking team continue to push the product forward with speed, welcoming co-innovation from our partners at INRIX and backed by the go-to-market approach HERE is known for.”