Image Sensing Systems (ISS) has released its new compact license plate recognition (LPR) camera, in partnership with MAV Systems.

The Autoscope Pn-120 with its high-grade zoom camera technology, provides a further comprehensive range of LPR solutions for customers.

The new easy-to-install LPR camera is designed for mobile and special purpose applications, and comprises the latest zoom technology and infrared pulsed LEDs within a rugged hermetically sealed enclosure.

ISS global product manager Keith Hofkens said that partnering with MAV Systems expands the breadth of the company’s capabilities.

"The marriage of their high-quality cameras with our world-renowned plate recognition engine provides a superior level of quality and performance for partners and end users," Hofkens said.

"This is an exciting validation that our cameras match the demands of the global market."

"In an industry driven by innovation, this is yet another technology partnership that positions our industry well for the safe cities of the present and future."

The Autoscope Pn-120 offers the mobile detection required to support the safety and security.

In addition, when combined with Image Sensing Systems license plate recognition software, the camera offers a complete solution for the law enforcement, security and parking sectors.

MAV Systems managing director Steve Walker said that as an independent LPR camera manufacturer, the company is delighted that Image Sensing Systems has chosen its camera to partner their software.

"We design and manufacture our cameras to the highest industry standards and this is an exciting validation that our cameras match the demands of the global market and provide our partners with a more competitive solution," Walker said.

Autoscope Pn-120 is now available for purchase in North America.