The Palmers Road Corridor project is a proposed 16km-long north-south road link in the west of Melbourne between the Western Freeway at Deer Park Bypass and the Calder Freeway, Australia.

The project will upgrade and connect the local roads, including Robinsons Road, Westwood Drive and Calder Park Drive, as well as improve mobility in Brimbank and Melton.

The corridor will feature a six-lane divided road, with interchanges, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and related infrastructure, when fully completed. Construction of the project will be carried out in stages through 2046.

Palmers Road Corridor purpose and background

The Palmers Road Corridor project will serve as a primary north-south arterial road between Western Ring Road to the east and the Outer Metropolitan Ring Road to the west. The project will connect the major highways in Western Melbourne such as Princes Freeway, Western Freeway, Western Highway, Melton Highway, and Calder Freeway.

The future arterial corridor is considered to provide suitable transport infrastructure to the growing residential development and employment in Melbourne’s western suburbs.

The Palmers Road Corridor was considered as the suitable alternative over the other two options, which included Gourlay Road Corridor to the west and Kings Road Corridor to the east, as it can accommodate six-lane primary north-south arterial.

The decision to develop the north-south road link in Melbourne’s west was made in November 2009. The detailed planning for the environmental effects statement (EES) and the planning scheme amendment (PSA) processes of the Palmers Road Corridor were prepared by VicRoads in 2013.

VicRoads collaborated with councils, service authorities, landowners and others to reduce the impact on the native vegetation, heritage places, buildings and residents, habitats for native fauna, as well as rivers and creeks.

Palmers Road Corridor project details

The Palmers Road Corridor project will include the construction of three lanes in each direction, along with off-road shared bicycle and pedestrian facilities on each side. The width of the corridor will vary from 40m to 60m, while the design speed will be roughly 80km/h.

The two existing railway crossings, including the Melbourne-Bendigo rail line with Calder Park Drive and the Melbourne-Ballarat rail line with Robinsons Road, will be removed.

The project will also involve the construction of two bridges over Kororoit Creek and a raised interchange at the Calder Freeway in the north, as well as intersection upgrades and landscaping and drainage improvements in the region.

The initial phase of the Palmers Road Corridor project will involve the construction of Kororoit Creek bridge and Calder Freeway interchange, in addition to the upgrade of existing roads such as Robinsons Road, Westwood Drive and Calder Park Drive.

The Palmers Road Corridor will have the capacity to carry approximately 40,000 vehicles a day.

Palmers Road Corridor benefits

The project will separate arterial traffic from the local traffic and enhance the amenity of activity centres situated away from the corridor. It will reduce traffic congestion on the existing principal public transport network (PPTN) and improve access to the expanding areas of Wyndham, Brimbank and Melton.

The corridor’s width is sufficient for a typical primary arterial cross-section to accommodate adequate bicycle facilities.

The Palmers Road Corridor project will also cater to long-term traffic needs in the growing residential, commercial and industrial areas and attract investment to the region.