Border Barrier Systems Temporary Road and Pedestrian Safety Barriers

Border Barrier Systems (BBS) provides European sales and hire of road and pedestrian safety barrier systems for restraint, delineation and street-works.

BBS Restraint Rhino barrier

The Restraint Rhino barrier is a rotationally moulded, heavy-duty polyethylene water-fill barrier system. It can be deployed by forklift and man-handled into position. A pin-drop system offers quick assembly, and once in place, filling can commence. All this installation can be performed by your own workforce.

Benefits of the Restraint Rhino barrier include:

  • Tested and Highways Agency-approved to BSEN1317-N1 up to 50mph
  • Manageable, adaptable restraint system
  • Up to 144m per load
  • Rhino fence panels can be securely fitted to the barrier
  • Tested freestanding – no ground drilling required
  • The foam-filled impact strips protect the main body of the barrier
  • Should the impact strips be damaged on impact, they can be replaced without removing the barrier section
  • Barriers can be placed back in position should there be any deflection impact
  • Each barrier carries highly reflective strips for additional visibility both day and night

BBS standard Rhino barrier

The standard Rhino delineation barrier can be used in a multitude of applications for delineation and low-level containment. It is a robust, heavy-duty and adaptable water-fill barrier, which is easily assembled and provides clear delineation day and

  • Up to 216m per load
  • Up to 45° configuration
  • Extremely versatile due to system extras
  • Fitting side impact strips to the system approves the barrier to BSEN1317-N1 up to 50mph
  • Purpose-designed Rhino panels can be securely fitted for additional height – ideal for use around work areas
  • Compatible with anti-climb fencing and gates
  • Long life-expectancy
  • UV / frost protection
  • Accepted for use at all BAA airports

The Rhino barrier system is the most robust, adaptable product of its kind – an extremely versatile piece of kit that can be adapted to suit most applications.

BBS Seperator barrier

The BBS Wall is a lightweight and easily assembled water-fill barrier. Ideal for use throughout city centre areas for vehicles and pedestrians, it is a clear and visible delineation system.

Interlinking units enable straight or curved configurations and the 1m units can be extended in height to create a combi-barrier. The units can also be stacked into piles of six for ease of transportation.

The BBS Wall is manufactured from UV-stabilised polyethylene.

BBS access ramps

BBS access ramps are lightweight, durable and anti-slip. This has made them one of the most easy and cost-effective solutions for unlevel access situations.

BBS road plate

BBS road plates are designed to provide a safe means of maintaining traffic flow during excavation work.

BBS Avalon barrier

The Avalon barrier is an extremely durable one-piece mould. Made of high-density polyethylene, it is a UV-stable pigment system. It is ideal for use throughout city centres for pedestrian safety. Easy to stack and transport, the Avalon barrier has swivel feet for easy storage.

BBS trench covers

BBS trench covers are a highly visible and cost-effective solution for site safety, allowing safe passage over and around excavations.

BBS Chapter 8 safety barriers

BBS can provide a number of varying safety barrier systems conforming to Chapter 8, which are ideal for use around temporary excavations and road works. These include:

  • Fenceman
  • Safegate
  • Watchman
  • Safefold
  • Titan Barrier

BBS can provide immediate quotations. For products ranging from cones to crash barriers, we’re streets ahead.

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