The highest number of deaths in road accidents occur in India, according to a report by the World Health Organization.

The statistics say that at least 13 people die every hour in road accidents in the country with the 2007 death toll reported to be 114,000, a 6.1% rise from 2006.

The report adds that the actual toll could be higher since the survey considered only the reported cases.

The report, Global Status Report on Road Safety, is based on the 2006 and 2007 statistics and collected data from 178 participating countries.

Overall, the report shows that 1.2 million people die in road accidents and 20-25 million people suffer non-fatal injuries every year.

The numbers have shown a rise in the third world countries and a decline in rich nations with low and middle-income countries forming 90% of the figures worldwide.

The report calls road fatalities an ‘epidemic’ and says that such casualties could become the world’s fifth biggest killer by 2030.

The report has found speeding, drunk-driving and low use of helmets, seat belts and child restraints in vehicles as the major causes for road accidents.