Thailand has failed an international road safety standards test conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The five-point test checked the country’s roads on categories such as baby safety seat, speed limit, drunk driving, and helmet and seat belt usage.

The country scored the worst in the baby safety seat category with a score of zero on a scale of ten. Law enforcement of the standard 80km/h speed limit was also found to be very lax and only received two points.

On curbing drunk driving the country scored five points, keeping a check on helmet usage won four points and seat belts usage won it five points.

The Interior Ministry’s Road Safety Centre said it was working on new measures to reduce road accidents from 22.21 per 100,000 persons five years ago to 14.15 by 2012.

The Transport Ministry also said that it would raise the standard of tests in driving schools and change mandatory inspection of all public transport to twice a year from once a year.