A new electric vehicle charging station that is as easy as traditional methods of fuelling vehicles, built through a partnership of Ricardo Inc and PEP Stations LLC, has been unveiled at the 2010 North American International Auto Show.

The new PEP Station is similar to a standard fuel pump and will allow drivers of electric vehicles to access electricity via an access card or credit card.

When a vehicle connects to the PEP Station’s 220V power supply, the PEP Station recognises a connection and the LCD screen prompts the user to accept the price per hour and recharge their vehicle until the battery is full.

PEP Stations president James Blain said that as the electric vehicle market begins to flourish, consumers will need a convenient, reliable and easily accessible way to charge their vehicle outside of the home.

“The PEP Station does just that in a safe, reliable, user-friendly, 220V charging station that can easily be installed at commercial destinations,” Blain said.

Two PEP Stations have been installed at the test track at this year’s Auto show and are being used as charging points for the many electric vehicles being actively demonstrated.