Sensys Traffic, a developer of products for traffic safety and informatics, has secured a procurement contract from the Swedish Transport Administration to provide new traffic-safety cameras in Sweden.

The contract concerns systems that have a value of at least SEK110m ($16.8m).

Sensys noted that its tender was evaluated based on SEK414m ($62.81m), which represents the total value of all components.

The tender does not represent any commitment from the Swedish Transport Administration beyond the current notified contract value of SEK110m ($16.8m).

The latest three-year contract, which has an option to extend for a further six years, involves the procurement of traffic-safety cameras to replace existing cameras, along with the expansion of several traffic-safety cameras deployed across the country’s road network.

During the initial three years, the Swedish Transport Administration will purchase traffic-safety cameras that are valued at a minimum of SEK110m in order to replace existing cameras.

"The contract concerns systems that have a value of at least SEK110m ($16.8m)."

The deal will also include a regular review and maintenance of the cameras, provision of spare parts and replacement of other systems, as well as a potential expansion of the current system with traffic-safety cameras.

Sensys Traffic CEO Johan Frilund said: "We submitted the most competitive tender, and simultaneously received acknowledgement of our state-of-the-art technology, including the best photographic quality of the suppliers that fulfilled the Transport Administration’s very high requirements."

The decision for the procurement contract can be appealed over the next ten days.

Requests for the re-evaluation of the award decision will first be considered by the Administrative Court before the Transport Administration signs a contract with the chosen supplier.

Sensys Traffic develops and markets various systems for traffic informatics and traffic safety, including speed and red-light and enforcement.