Intelligent Laser-Based Red Light and Speed Enforcement Systems


VITRONIC's PoliScan traffic enforcement product range covers speed and redlight enforcement, as well as ANPR-based solutions for average speed enforcement and vehicle identification. State and local authorities, as well as private service providers use PoliScan systems for increased traffic safety.

Traffic enforcement with light detection and ranging technology

All PoliScan systems for traffic enforcement operate using VITRONIC's innovative laser technology. A fan-shaped field of laser beams sweeps the tracking zone several times per second. This scanning light detection and ranging (LIDAR) records the speed and position of all vehicles within the enforcement area.

The system can concurrently detect multiple incidents on several lanes even when tailgating or changing lanes. Vehicles can also be detected in heavy traffic, as the system design excludes allocation errors. VITRONIC's LIDAR technology also eliminates the need for costly pavement installation of induction loops or piezo sensors.

Speed enforcement solutions

PoliScan speed defines a new generation in speed enforcement covering challenging traffic situations where other systems are inadequate. Unlike radar-based systems, it can be used along road works, on curved roads, and inside tunnels.

A high resolution digital dual camera system ensures that all speeding vehicles in the measuring system's tracking zone are concurrently captured. Violations are automatically attributed to specific vehicles and documented in a digital case file.

Mobile speed enforcement systems

PoliScan speed mobile features the same precise measuring technology as the stationary system and is easily installed into either the rear load space of a vehicle or at the front, adjacent to the driver. Alternatively, PoliScan speed can be tripod mounted in a short time. The system is ready for use without tedious site calibration. No additional triggering equipment such as light barriers is necessary.

Red light enforcement across multiple lanes

With PoliScan redlight it is possible to enforce red light violation across multiple lanes of traffic simultaneously without loops or piezo sensors. Up to three traffic light circuits can be monitored at the same time by each measuring unit.

The system documents any incidents where vehicles cross the stop line and drive into the intersection's 'danger zone'. Continuous detection of the vehicle's position allows PoliScan redlight to directly and accurately determine any violation.

Red light and speed enforcement in one combined system

PoliScan red+speed offers a combined solution for monitoring and documenting both speed and red light violations. Speed is monitored during all traffic lights phases, so that vehicles can be monitored for both types of violations.

Innovative housing solutions

The innovative and precise measurement and documentation technology of the PoliScan systems are complimented by the pillared City Design Housing.

Available for all stationary speed and red light enforcement systems it comprises several aluminum segments, each of which can be adjusted independently. As a result, vehicles travelling in different directions can be tracked from a single enforcement point. Two measuring and documentation units for red light and/or speed enforcement can be incorporated into each housing.

To maximise the enforcement scenarios of PoliScan speed mobile system, VITRONIC also offers the vandal-proof roadside housing. Protected by steel plates and safety glass, it functions as a stationary housing for the PoliScan speed mobile measuring and documenting components, allowing for further flexibility in local speed enforcement.

Average-speed enforcement with highest capture rates

The new generation of the average speed measurement system PoliScan seco is the result of 25 years' experience and know-how in laser triggered vehicle detection and experience in the field of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR).

PoliScan seco identifies passing vehicles on free-flow lanes at pre-selected check points along enforced sections and measures the average speed between these points. Product features include differentiation between different vehicle classes, front and rear vehicle identification and GPS-based time synchronisation for accurate measurement. Its modular system design allows for various deployment scenarios such as tunnels, overpasses or work zones.

Laser-triggered vehicle identification

With PoliScan surveillance VITRONIC provides vehicle identification, which relies on the detection and ANPR modules of VITRONIC's latest technology platform. It identifies number plates with high read rates even in poor weather conditions, bright sunlight and for international number plates as well.

In conjunction with the company's back office software, featuring a web based interface, white list and black list data base management, remote system operation, and case management, PoliScan surveillance is a complete state-of-the-art ANPR solution.

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