Dubai is to launch an artificial intelligence (AI) powered integrated smart traffic system by mid-2020 to help predict and manage the vehicle flow, prepare fast response plans and take real-time decisions in the event of collisions.

The smart traffic control system is also intended to improve road safety and support mobility around the city.

The announcement was made by Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) director-general Mattar Al Tayer during the plenary session on ‘The Future of Mobility in the Age of 4IR (4th Industrial Revolution)’ at the World Government Summit (WGS).

Al Tayer said: “Our leaders have made an early start in anticipating and shaping the future. It is no wonder that UAE has been the home of the world’s longest driverless metro line since 2009, with ridership clocking one billion by the end of 2017.”

He added: “The country had launched the UAE’s Fourth Industrial Revolution Strategy; which is based on benefiting from nanotechnology, artificial intelligence (AI), smart devices and digital transactions in all fields.

“There is a need to upgrade the government systems to align them with future developments.”

“In the mobility field, it seeks to provide autonomous air, land, and marine transit modes fully managed by AI systems.”

In 2016, Dubai introduced autonomous mobility strategy as part of its plan to transform 25% of the total transportation to driverless mode by 2030. The existing share of autonomous modes stands at 9%.

He also underlined the role of governments by enacting legislation that promotes safety, security and privacy, as well as speeding up the use of technology, reported Khaleej Times.

Al Tayer added: “There is a need to upgrade the government systems to align them with future developments, such as the revision of the principles of town planning and the transport infrastructure to make them responsive to future needs.”

However, Al Tayer stressed that government systems should be modernised in order to cope with future developments.