Norway-based mobility solutions company Q-Free has launched Kinetic CV, a data solution for connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs).

Kinetic CV is the latest application of Q-Free’s single-dashboard traffic management platform, Kinetic Mobility.

By activating a license within Kinetic Mobility, subscribers will be able to quickly access real-time intersection data from the complete Intelight MAXTIME controller network.

This data can then be shared with third-party vendors through an open application programming interface (API).

Kinetic CV serves as a cost-effective approach for agencies to impact the safety and efficiency of their total operations and can be customised to a particular environment and location.

The solution can be functional within minutes of installation and removes the requirement for hardware installation.

Because the solution operates on cellular signals, it is not vulnerable to the reduction of connected and autonomous vehicle broadband spectrum used by dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) or 5G radios.

As well as offering latency of less than 250ms, it provides data through a single centralised system rather than at an individual intersection.

Q-Free Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) Solutions executive vice-president Tom Stiles said: “As the traffic management world becomes increasingly complex, we’re making it simpler.

“Delivering and pushing out near real-time, comprehensive data in a centralised and manageable format is key to successful traffic operations. Kinetic CV is the key that unlocks that promise.”

Kinetic CV is claimed to be cost-effective as it is up to five times cheaper than competing hardware-based solutions.

Customers will be able to configure map views within particular intersections to offer access to information, including on signal phase and timing (SPaT), pre-emption and emergency vehicle notification even without hardware installation.

Users can also view intersection geometry and traveller information messages.

Q-Free aims to connect Kinetic CV to buses, trains and other transit vehicles to provide a complete picture of a region’s transportation network. This will equip agencies to meet the requirements of future increased connected mobility.

By establishing a link between vehicles, devices and the central traffic management system, Kinetic CV can publish data through an open API and enable third parties to subscribe to this data.