The Alaskan Transport Department said it will fund about $52m for highways development projects to boost trade and economy in the region and renovate once of the central regions main trunk roads.

It will carry out developmental work in 415-miles Dalton Highway’s projects and has committed to a $40m renovation project for Central Region’s Trunk road aimed at upgrading to current standards to enhance capacity and safety.

The revamp includes the creation of a divided, four-lane road with a paved pathway and a two lane road from Bogard to Fishhook Road in two phases.

It is hoped the renovation project will provide a safe North-South network between the Parks Highway and the Palmer-Wasilla Highway.

The Dalton Highway carries traffic and freight needed for oil fields and is the proposed route for Alaska gas pipe line.

Work being carried out here includes the renovation and development of Glen and Anchorage Highways, and creating pedestrian facilities for the North Pole interchange.

The highway development projects are part of a $1.2bn cluster of transport infrastructure projects announced by the Alaskan Transport Department.