The Mirdif Interchange in Dubai has been opened to traffic in order to enhance traffic flow and ease congestion at both Mirdiff and Muhaisnah.

The project involved conversion of the old bridge into a high-capacity flyover at the intersection of Al Khawaneej and Algiers Roads.

The bridge comprises of six Muhaisnah-bound lanes, three lanes to Dubai Airport and five lanes coming from Muhaisnah. It also includes turns to and from Al Khawaneej Road.

The Interchange is controlled by four light signals; among these three are on Algiers Rd and one in the Badr City area.

Additionally, the project covers the widening of Al Khawaneej Road from three to four lanes and a free left turn to serve the traffic coming from Al Khawaneej Road heading to Muhaisnah Road.

The project’s remaining works include the construction of an underpass to ensure smooth traffic flow for motorists in that region, and a link with the Mirdiff-bound Bridge and landscaping works.