A new report by The Road Information Project (TRIP), has shown that the state of Kansas faces a $6.4bn transportation funding gap over the next ten years.

The report says that the state and federal funding for transportation-related projects, on which the state relies, are not enough to finish a number of significant road projects.

The list includes US-69 from Pittsburg to I-44 at the Oklahoma state line, the Northwest Wichita bypass from K-96 to US-54, US- 69 in Kansas City from 119th St. to I-435 and I-235 in Wichita at the US-54 and Central Avenue interchanges.

The report titled ‘Moving Kansas Forward: The Condition and Funding of Kansas Roads, Highways & Bridges’ warned that the funding gap could result in increased traffic congestion and impede efforts to improve traffic safety as well as hinder the growth of important infrastructure and the overall economic growth of the state.

According to the report, the state has so-far received $4bn in federal funding for road, highway and bridge improvements, $278m for public transit and $31m in ARRA funding.