The European Commission (EC) has set out rules for a standard Europe-wide electronic toll service to enable road users to easily pay tolls throughout the entire European Union (EU).

The proposals for an European electronic toll service (EETS) involve using one subscription contract a single service provider and one on-board unit available on all infrastructure, including motorways, tunnels, bridges and roads in all 27 EU nations.

The system would allow the road users to subscribe to a supplier of their choice, saving drivers from queuing up at toll booths.

The EC hopes the system will help improve traffic flow and reduce congestion by limiting cash transactions at toll stations.

The current system of using various national and local electronic road toll systems, which are generally incompatible and can only communicate with their respective on-board units, hinder international road transport, according to the EC.

The new service will be available within three years for all road vehicles above 3.5t and within five years for all other vehicles, says the EU.