The New South Wales Roads and Traffic Authority in Australia has suggested improving signs and reducing speed limits as part of a measure to improve road safety on the Great Western Highway and reduce fatalities west of the Blue Mountains.

The agency carried out a review of the Great Western highway between Mt. Victoria and Lithgow, and studied road fatalities west of the Blue Mountains in a bid to reduce them.

The review noted more than 200 crashes from 2004 to 2008 were reported, with half of them leading to injuries – eight of which were fatal. Three more people have died since the study period the report also noted, according to

The recommendations include better signage in wet conditions, median barriers to separate oncoming traffic, roadway widening, reducing speed limits and installation of additional speed cameras.

The authority is seeking tenders to award a contract for a new road on the highway, which could cost about A$2bn ($1.9bn) and will be built in stages.