Garmin and INRIX to provide latest traffic updates

Satellite navigation provider Garmin is pairing up with INRIX, a provider of traffic intelligence technology, to develop faster, accurate, detailed and subscription free real-time 3D traffic updates for its users.

Garmin 3D Traffic Live technology will be available on Dezl 760 GPS device and will allow users to access the real-time traffic information for free and select alternative routes in case of an incident, to reduce travel time and avoid congestion.

Clive Taylor, EMEA Product Marketing director, said: "With this new technology Garmin customers will receive the latest live traffic information on their GPS device and not have to think about subscriptions anymore".

INRIX will provide Garmin with DAB technology breakthroughs to deliver the latest traffic updates through its real-time data points within 2mph of actual traffic speeds, without the necessity of internet connection.

The companies together would provide up-to-the-minute traffic information across the Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) network.

According to Garmin, the benefits of the digital broadcasting are that larger volumes of more detailed and more accurate data, covering a larger geographical area, can be submitted faster almost at the speed of providing live traffic feeds every minute. Garmin will first introduce the new technology Garmin 3D Traffic Live in the UK.

Image: An image explaining how Garmin 3D Traffic Live technology works. Photo courtesy of: Garmin.