Telvent has installed Saudi Arabia’s first intelligent transportation system, the SmartMobility Road Suite, on King Abdullah Road in Riyadh.

The system uses a centralised platform to manage six kilometres of interurban expressway traffic.

The smart solution also controls and manages four tunnels and the entire range of field devices placed along the expressway, to improve infrastructure maintenance and increase user safety and security.

Ignacio González, Telvent chairman and CEO, said: "It is a pleasure for Telvent to attest to the achievement of a high level of efficiency in Riyadh’s traffic management and improvement in user safety, security and mobility conditions."

Local authorities using the SmartMobility solution can get real-time information on traffic conditions on the expressway and can coordinate and respond quickly in case of any incident occurring on the road.

Drivers can also use the smart solution to get real-time information on traffic and select the best route, thereby reducing the travel time, fuel consumption and chances of possible accidents within the city limits.

The project started in the last quarter of 2010 as part of the strategic plan by the Arriyadh Development Authority is contributing towards the development of the city in terms of economic, social, architectural and environmental factors.

Telvent is also developing a new project for the implementation of SmartMobility advanced mobility management technology in extending the road network in the Arriyadh Old Airport area.