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Top tweets on electric vehicles in Q4 2020

1. Henrik Fisker’s tweet on building its electric ocean SUV with Magna

Henrik Fisker, a Danish luxury car designer and CEO of Fisker, a luxury vehicles company, shared an article on the company’s platform and manufacturing partnership with Magna International, a mobility technology company. The Los Angeles startup is looking to leverage Magna’s engineering and production services for building its battery-powered Ocean SUV.

Fisker has always maintained that it would outsource production of the Ocean SUV instead of building its own plant to reduce costs. While Magna will hold a 6% stake in Fisker, it will be responsible for manufacturing the Fisker Ocean at its Graz, Austria plant.

Fisker Ocean will include Magna’s electric vehicle (EV) architecture and platform and is expected to arrive in Q4 2022. This is Fisker’s second attempt to becoming a successful electric vehicle major, with the first venture, Fisker Automotive having filed for bankruptcy in 2013, the article detailed.

Username: Henrik Fisker

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2.’s tweet about Tesla’s electric car and battery factories investment

Electrek.Co, a news and commentary website on electric transport, shared an article on electric vehicle and clean energy company Tesla investing $12bn for a new electric car and battery factories in 2021 and 2022. The announcement marks the acceleration of the automaker’s spending on EV production capacity.

Tesla plans to invest in building new production capacity at several factories that maybe in the development or construction stages. The automaker will introduce new products for Model Y and Solar Roof, construct manufacturing facilities across three continents, and also develop new battery cell technologies. The $12bn investment will provide Tesla with the capacity to manufacture two million EVs every year, the article noted.

Username: Electrek.Co

Twitter handle: @ElectrekCo

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3. Dan Caesar tweets on hybrid cars

Dan Caesar, managing director of The Fully Charged Show, a YouTube channel focused on renewables and EVs, shared an article on Japanese-based automaker Honda encouraging the UK government to support hybrids and gas-powered vehicles rather than electric cars.

The automaker believes that EVs should not replace gas-powered engines by 2035. Pushing for a multi-pathway approach to zero emissions by 2050, the car maker believes that EVs are not the solution to climate change problems.

Ian Howells, Honda Europe’s senior vice president, believes that a mix of battery-electric vehicles, hybrids, hydrogen, and other liquid fuels should remain to meet challenges related to affordability, technologies, and infrastructure. Consumers’ choice should not be restricted to purchasing only the expensive electric cars, the article highlighted.

Username: DanCaesar

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4. Gill Nowell’s tweet on Germany registering over 20,000 pure EVs in one month

Gill Nowell, an EV advocate and DSO lead of telecommunications company ElectraLink, shared an article on Germany registering more than 20,000 electric cars in a single month, with a record number of car buyers opting for pure EVs in September 2020. According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority, the number of pure EVs rose to 21,188 in September, an increase of 260% from the previous year.

Meanwhile, battery electric vehicles (BEV) accounted for an 8% share of the total new car sales market. Hybrid car registrations rose by 185% to 54,036 vehicles, accounting for a 20.4% share. Among these, 20,127 were plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), a 460% increase for a total share of 7.6%. Although 2020 was a turning point for electric mobility, experts have stated that the density and reliability of charging infrastructure will remain a huge challenge.

Username: Gill Nowell

Twitter handle: @Gill_Nowell

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5. CleanTechnica’s tweet on electric cars trebling market share in Europe

CleanTechnica, a US-based news aggregating website about clean technology, shared an article on electric cars trebling their market share in Europe in 2020. European Union (EU) standards for car carbon emission targets has driven electric cars towards 10% of sales and 15% in 2021. However, EV sales will stagnate for a decade due to lax targets in 2025 and 2030, the article detailed.

EV sales surged despite the pandemic since January 2021. Electric cars sales are mainly booming due to EU emissions standards, according to experts. As a result, one in every seven cars in Europe is expected to be a plug in 2021.

Username: CleanTechnica

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