Journey Dynamics, a technology provider company, has launched a driver personalisation technology called ‘My Drive’ to improve routing and accurate journey times.

The technology helps satnav or navigation devices to know the driving style of each individual by which the accuracy of the estimated journey time can be improved.

MyDrive also uses that information to provide personalised routes that best suit an individual’s driving style and learns more about an individual driver’s style the more it is used.

Users have to invest time in developing their MyDrive ‘personality’, which is used to build a profile of the drivers unique style.

The device used by application developers, device manufacturers, technology partners and third party software developers will operate globally on the widest range of technologies.

The device has the ability to deliver smarter, personalised routing options based on the architecture of the routing engine that uses a fixed or static speed associated with each road class combined with the variable attributes of the drivers own style.