The 64km Dormaa-Ahenkro road upgrade project passing through the Ghanaian regions of Nkrankwanta to Krakrom is proceeding as scheduled with sectional re-gravelling and grading work to commence shortly.

The project is a major component of the Ghana Highways routine maintenance works for 2009/2010.

The bidding process is currently in progress for the routine maintenance works.

Minister of Roads and Highways Joe Kwashie Gidisu said that the ministry will execute the road rehabilitation work in phases until the total 64km stretch is sealed up to the bituminous surface.

In 2006 and 2007, the first 10km from Dormaa-Ahenkro and the last 5km to Nkrankwanta were refurbished with bituminous surface.

The Dormaa-Ahenkro to Krakom road passes through key food cultivating centres such as Brofoyedru, Odiabakrom, Nsuhia and Maasu. The road is regional highway route number R54.