GE Security and Liberty Mutual Agency Markets have unveiled a new web-based fleet management technology to allow fleet managers to monitor aggressive driving patterns.

The technology, called Onboard Advisor, uses GE’s NavLogix GPS technology, which combines data from an accelerometer to give information on the vehicle’s response to its driver and records it along with the vehicle location and event time.

The tool reads the operator’s driving behaviour in relation to conditions such as weather and traffic flow and assigns them safety scores.

The tool’s Performance Advisor component measures the frequency and severity that the driver speeds, brakes and corners to calculate safety scores.

The tool also allows fleet managers to replay driving events on Google street maps with second-by-second detail.

The tool also has a Fuel Advisor component that monitors fuel usage and prevents unauthorised purchases, says GE.

Onboard Advisor also features the traditional GPS software services, including real-time alerts.

GE Security is a unit of GE Enterprise Solutions and Liberty Mutual Agency Markets is a unit of Liberty Mutual Group.