The majority of the roads in the UK affected by last year’s harsh winter have not been repaired, according to a survey.

The UK-based motoring organisation RAC surveyed councils in England, Wales and Scotland, and reported that many expressed their concerns over the government’s proposed spending cuts and its effect on the roads.

Many councils also said they had been experiencing financial deficits due to road repairs last year, with individual shortfalls of up to £10m ($15.7m).

The survey noted that two severe winters in a row have severely affected the highway network with record numbers of potholes and highway maintenance increasingly on the agenda.

RAC motoring strategist Adrian Tink said a recent survey showed about £9.5bn ($14.9bn) is needed in England and Wales alone to bring the roads up to scratch, while the road-repair backlogs exist in rural areas in particular, where roads are a lifeline.

The RAC reports the long-term impact of spending cuts could be terrible for the UK’s road users, and a greater investment is needed to fix the problem since the local highway network will continue to decline over time.