HTS Brazil LPR systems

Desenvolvimento Rodoviário (DERSA), a partially state-owned company, has selected HTS to supply over 30 LPR systems to upgrade the operational control centre for costal ferry crossings in Brazil.

As part of the contract, HTS Brazil will supply LPR cameras, security cameras, video analytics, electrical infrastructure and communications.

DERSA will use the LPR systems to monitor vehicles and manage, control and improve services for all vehicles onboard and waiting to board ferries.

DERSA operational director Joao Poiani said: "We have undertaken this technology and automation project in order to effectively monitor and manage the process of the coastal crossings, as well as learn from ongoing activities, in order to provide better service, and plan logistics and infrastructure in the best manner possible for the future."

DERSA will also measure vehicles waiting times, count and classify them, as well as deploy communications and variable message boards across the coastal crossings.

HTS Brazil Sales vice president Maxwell Rodrigues said: "With the ferry crossings being used as such an integral part of our transportation system, we are excited about taking part in this project which will enable DERSA to monitor and manage traffic flow in real time, responding quickly to changing circumstances."

As the first phase of the project, DERSA is installing the LPR systems at seven crossings namely Santos – Guarujá, Guarujá – Bertioga, São Sebastião – Ilhabela, Iguape – Jureia, Cananéia – Ilha Comprida, Cananéia – Continente and Vicente de Carvalho – Praça da República.

Image: DERSA to install LPR systems on coastal ferry crossings to monitor vehicles. Photo: courtesy of HTS.