The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) in the US has launched its real time traffic management (RTTM) pilot system, which uses message boards and online cameras to provide drivers with traffic information.

The RTTM pilot will provide traffic information through 22 signs that display travel times between interchanges.

MassDOT has installed the new traffic message boards, will update the travel times via road sensors in case of traffic congestion, along the Interstate 93 corridor between Canton and the New Hampshire border.

MassDOT secretary and CEO Richard A Davey said: "Real time traffic data will better allow people to plan their commutes, giving them greater control over their day."

Senator and Transportation Committee joint chair Thomas McGee said that it is a great example of how the department can use technology to improve the overall transportation experience across the state.

"Through the real time traffic management system, commuters will receive timely traffic updates that will keep them as informed as possible to limit any disruptions to their day," McGee added.

"We must continue to look for creative ways to move our transportation system into the 21st century."

The department is also working to connect RTTM with 511, a traveller information service to improve the services, while it is also planning to implement its new real time traffic technology in Western Massachusetts along Interstate 91

The department has also rolled out new online cameras that provide live information about the road conditions on Route 6 Westbound for Cape Cod travellers.

The Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority now has two online cameras and six message boards that update road conditions, and is planning to add more resources.