The Canadian and Ontario governments will be investing in local infrastructure development, with an objective to improve access to high-quality public services for communities, as well promoting long-term prosperity in communities across Canada.

As part of infrastructure development, both governments have taken up the The Maley Drive Extension Project works, which would offer improved roadways to the residents of that region and will get them to and from work safely and without delay.

The C$80.1m ($60.6m) project will create a new east-west arterial link in the city, and also create employment opportunities for the local area.

"The Maley Drive Extension project will connect LaSalle Boulevard West to Falconbridge Highway."

Sudbury Provincial Parliament member Glenn Thibeault said: “The Maley Drive Extension Project is a great example of Ontario's commitment to building critical infrastructure projects across the province.

“The extension will not only provide residents with a safer and quicker commute, but it will also create jobs during construction and help develop Sudbury's transportation corridor.

“As a lifelong resident of Sudbury, I'm thrilled to see this project move forward as a part of the largest infrastructure investment in this government's history”

The Canadian Government will be contributing up to C$26.7m ($20.2m) under the New Building Canada Fund’s Provincial-Territorial Infrastructure Component-National and Regional Projects.

The Government of Ontario is also contributing up to C$26.7m ($20.2m), and The City of Greater Sudbury will be offering C$26.7m ($20.2m), which will funded through the City’s roads capital budget.

The Maley Drive Extension project will connect LaSalle Boulevard West to Falconbridge Highway.

Project works include the creation of a new four-lane road, from LaSalle Boulevard to Barry Downe Road, and two interchanges, as well as realignment of Notre Dame Avenue, and the rehabilitation of the existing Maley Drive.