The average inner city commuter in the UK spends 43% of their trip at a complete standstill during a one-hour journey at peak hours twice during their daily commute, according to a study by automaker Citroën.

The survey was conducted during the morning and evening peak hours in the five UK cities in London, Manchester, Norwich, Birmingham and Cardiff.

The same routes were also monitored in 2006 and 2008 and the figure has increased by 13.7% during the last five years over the evaluated rush-hour periods.

The biggest increases on gridlock were recorded in London with 36m and 28s, followed by Manchester with 28m 39s, while Cardiff registered a 10m reduction in time spent standing still.

Motorists are also paying significantly more on fuel costs as the average price of a litre of diesel has risen by 45% from 93.5p per litre to 136.38p since 2006.