The UK’s Highway Agency has awarded a four-year contract to Variable Message Signs to supply and install driver information signs throughout England.

The company will also provide operational support for message signs and motorway signals.

The contract includes development and modelling of electronic variable message signs to provide drivers with essential information on road conditions ahead while improving safety and reducing congestion.

The VMSL MS3 signs contain two or three lines of 320mm or 400mm characters with a graphics area that can display legends and symbols using Rigel LED technology. The MS4 signs can display an almost limitless range of pictograms and text on its high-resolution dual-colour LED matrix.

The signs to be developed under this contract include enhancements in the control techniques and communication modes including TCP/IP, and will be mechanically and electrically compatible with the MS3 and MS4 signs, which are already a familiar sight on UK highways.

The Highways Agency indicated that the total procurement under the contract could be £185m (€268m).