The US state of Wisconsin will trial a new type of snowplow called ‘TowPlows’, which could clear more highway lanes in a single pass.

The counties of Eau Claire and Marquette will test the technology shortly, where the plows are pulled as trailers by regular snowplows and have pivoting axles allowing the plow to shift to the right when in motion.

TowPlows, which can be equipped with brine or salt spreaders for enhanced efficiency of snow removal and ice prevention efforts, can clear a path about 20 feet wide compared to the nearly 14 feet for traditional snowplows.

Bureau of Highway Operations director David Vieth said the new TowPlows can clear two lanes of highway or one lane and a shoulder, increasing productivity and shortening the time it takes to clear roads of snow.

“We also anticipate there will be a reduction in labour and equipment costs needed to clear a highway,” said Vieth.