Kapsch TrafficCom secured a €267m contract from Belarus’s Ministry for Transportation and Communication for the implementation of a toll collection system across the country.

Under the contract, the Austrian toll-road-system developer will implement a short-range communication based system along the 2,743km of road network, as well as operate the system for 20 years.

Kapsch TrafficCom chief operating officer Erwin Toplak said introducing such an advanced toll collection system shows a serious approach towards a substantial contribution for infrastructure development to support the economy of the Republic of Belarus.

The first phase of the system will commence operations on 1 July 2013 and in the first phase €158m will be invested over two years.

Each phase will be funded and implemented by Kapsch TrafficCom and paid for within three years from the commencement of the operation of the system.

Kapsch TrafficCom will also be exempt from customs fees on importing the technical equipment (components and spare parts) required for implementation of the system.

Following the implementation of the system, vehicles driving along toll roads will not be required to stop for payment and tolls can be collected in advance or afterwards. Vehicles weighing more than 3,500t and passenger vehicles will have to pay road tolls and there will be exceptions for Customs Union cars.

There will not be any speed limitations or traffic lane limitations, but vehicles driving along the toll roads need to install an onboard device to pay.