Hyper-premiumisation: Macroeconomic Trends

13 January 2021

Autonomous Vehicles: Macroeconomic Trends

As automakers seek to make up for enormous gaps in their 2020 balance sheets battered by Covid-19, investment in autonomous vehicles may be scaled back or cancelled altogether.

11 January 2021

Autonomous Vehicles: Technology Trends

Vehicles continue to become increasingly aware of their operating environments thanks to 3D cameras, radars, lasers and sensor fusion.

4 September 2020

Virtual sterling? Bank of England ponders digital currency

The world of banking is poised for a step-change as many central banks ponder the introduction of a digital currency, and among those leading discussions is the Bank of England.

4 September 2020

CTO Talk: Q&A with Forescout’s Robert McNutt

Robert McNutt is the CTO of Forescout, a cybersecurity company that specialises in protecting the 'enterprise of things'.

1 September 2020

Amazon Halo: Will the company’s foray into the wearables market be a success?

Amazon has officially entered the wearable device market, with the launch of its new wellness service Amazon Halo, which combines "a suite of AI-powered health tools" with the Amazon Halo Band.

27 August 2020

CBDCs and cross-border payments: Are central bank digital currencies the future?

As central banks look to the future, they are increasingly exploring the potential of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) to improve speed, transparency and efficiency. But one area where CBDCs...