Millions of dollars in economic opportunity are lost each day due to the impact of snowstorms on US and Canadian roads, according to a study.

The study by American Highway Users Alliance and IHS Global Insight calculated the economic impact of snowstorms in sixteen US states and two Canadian provinces.

The hourly workers are most affected by such shutdowns, according to the study.

Global Insight managing director James Gillula said lost wages of hourly workers account for about two-thirds of the direct economic impact of a major snowstorm.

“The indirect economic effects of their lost hourly wages can ripple through the economy,” Gillula said.

The study said state and local authorities should invest more in snow removal budgets.

The American Highway Users Alliance represents motorists, bus companies, truckers, RV enthusiasts, motorcyclists, etc.

IHS Global Insight provides the economic and financial information of various countries and regions around the world.