The South Australian State Government has provided funding for the upgrade and improvement of roads in the region.

The government has allotted A$842.8m ($790m) for the South Road Superway and $445.5m ($417.7m) for the Southern Expressway Duplication from Darlington to Old Noarlunga, including an interchange at Darlington.

The South Road Superway is stage two of the north-south corridor upgrade and will deliver a 4.8km corridor, comprising a 2.8km elevated roadway from the Port River expressway to Regency road.

The Southern Expressway duplication project includes duplicating nine road bridges and five pedestrian bridges, and 18.5km of road lane construction on the western side of the existing lanes.

Construction on the Southern Expressway will start next year and will take about three years to complete.

A total of $12.4m ($11.6m) has also been allocated for black spot funding and rural road safety programmes.