The California Transportation Commission (Caltrans) in the US has allocated $1.7bn in funding to improve the state’s transportation and strengthen the economy.

CTC is planning to upgrade transportation projects and reduce traffic congestion across the state.

Caltrans director Malcolm Dougherty said: "The benefits these projects bring to California are a huge boom to the economy and the investment in our transportation system will continue to serve motorists for generations to come."

The projects will include interchange modifications, widening of roads and construction of sidewalks, bike lanes, bicycle paths and railroads.

Of the $1.7bn funds, Proposition 1B, the highway safety, traffic reduction, air quality and port security bond Act of 2006, will contribute funds worth $872m for the upgrade proposal, while the federal funds will provide $766m.

The remaining funding will be assorted from the state and federal transportations and will be used to improve many local transportation programmes throughout the state.

The major and notable projects that received financial support include Pacific Coast Highway Median Enhancements, Phase III and along the Pacific Coast Highway from Street of the Blue Lantern to Selva Road.

The upgrade proposal features interchange modifications and railroad realignment at the Golden State Freeway (I-5) HOV lanes from Magnolia Boulevard to Buena Vista Street in Burbank at a cost of $452m.

The programme will also construct of a double-track railroad bridge over a four-lane roadway at $37.6m and widen the road for traffic lanes, a median, sidewalks and bike lanes, and seismically retrofit the North Spring Street Bridge for $5m.

The project will also include landscape, sidewalk and crossing safety improvements from 10th to Santa Paula streets in Santa Paula for $52,000.