Granor Expansion Joint and Structural Bearing Systems

Granor Rubber and Engineering is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of expansion-joint and structural-bearing systems. By the incorporation of elastomers as the central flexible medium, these joints accommodate load-bearing outcomes and expansions / contractions experienced in large structures such as bridges, multi-level car parks and other steel and mass-concrete structures.

Load-bearing products, bridge bearings and movement-control systems

Established in Melbourne, Australia, in 1972, Granor has wide experience in the design and application of specialised products for load-bearing applications such as bridges, and in the design, manufacture and installation of a variety of movement control systems.

Although traditionally used for bridges, Granor’s load-bearing products are also ideal for applications in other areas of civil and mechanical engineering, as well as other heavy construction activities.

Elastomeric bearings, strips, pads and slide-bearing strips

The range of elastomeric bearing systems offered by Granor begins with plain elastomeric bearing strips and pads. More complicated systems include multi-layered laminated elastomeric bearings, and proprietary designed slide bearing strips that incorporate a Teflon-coated support bearing pad combined with stainless-steel slide plates.

Granor offers specific design service for such elastomeric bearings, including designs for bearings used for base isolation and vibration control systems.

Structural bearings

Granor’s structural bearing range covers all the typically used variants, from elastomeric bearings through to mechanical slide bearing systems.

Structural mechanical slide bearings

Structural mechanical slide bearings offered by Granor include POT-type (Granor Potglide®, Potfloat® and Potstay®) and DISK-type Teflon slide bearings and Granor’s proprietary Graflon® slide bearings.

As with the elastomeric systems, Granor offers and can advise obligation-free design services for modified structural bearings. These can provide for aspects such as uplift restraint, high temperature environments or providing movements or loads larger than those achieved by standard catalogue bearings.

Expansion joints for road bridges, car-park decks, concrete tanks, conveyor galleries, dams and mass civil structures

Granor’s range of expansion joint systems is totally comprehensive. They are predominately incorporated in roadway bridge structures but several of the systems are also suitable for elevated car-park decks, concrete tanks, conveyor galleries, dams and other mass civil structures.

Bridge expansion-joint systems

The Granor range of expansion-joint systems offers joint seals for bridge and other structures for smaller movements, such as specialised silicone sealant systems, small rubber compression seals and aluminium Stripseal systems for medium movements.

Granor’s range extends to large movement systems such as steel and cast-aluminium ‘finger’-type expansion joints (Granor Etic®) that can withstand movements of up to 300mm. Finally Granor also provides for modular multi-seal / element joints for bridge structures that can withstand movements of up to 2,000mm.

Replacement and rehabilitation expansion joints

Granor’s expansion-joint range includes popular joint systems for joint-replacement and rehabilitation applications, typified by the Granor SSI XJS® system. These systems are quick to install and thus very cost effective.

Specialised force attenuation and control systems for bridges and buildings.

Granor also has access to a range of other ancillary and specialised engineered products through our affiliation with Taylor Devices USA, enabling us to offer a range of force attenuation and control systems for bridge and building structures.

Such devices can be designed into these structures to accommodate, reduce or redirect seismic, vibration or breaking load forces, ensuring efficient design of structural members and thus structural protection.

Custom structural load-bearing or movement joints

Any structural load-bearing or movement joint requirement that you may have, be it with regard to design matters or commercial procurement of such products, can be quickly met by Granor Rubber and Engineering.

Standard-compliant bearing and expansion-joint systems

Granor’s bearing and expansion-joint systems are predominately designed for compliance to the applicable Australian Standard document (AS5100), specifically per section 4 of AS5100. Such compliance ensures products meet all requirements for the Australian state road authorities, such as RTA of NSW, VicRoads, Main Roads Queensland, etc.

Granor can also offer products compliant with other international codes, BS5400 and AASHTO, etc.

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Press Release

Granor Etic Finger Joints Used for Australia’s Longest Bridge

On 11 July 2010, the joint venture group JF Hull / Albem opened the new Ted Smout Memorial Bridge to traffic, which crosses Bramble Bay at Redcliffe to the north of Brisbane. With a length of 2.74km, it is the longest bridge that has ever been built in Australia, duplicating the length

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Press Release

6 October 2010

On 11 July 2010, the joint venture group JF Hull / Albem opened the new Ted Smout Memorial Bridge to traffic, which crosses Bramble Bay at Redcliffe to the north of Brisbane. With a length of 2.74km, it is the longest bridge that has ever been built in Australia, duplicating the length

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17 August 2010

Faced with the challenging long distance logistics of constructing the huge Perth to Bunbury highway upgrade in Western Australia, principal contractor Southern Gateway Alliance appointed Granor Rubber & Engineering to supply the 464 structural bearings and 646m of expansion joints for all 19

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17 August 2010

In the recent past Granor has designed and manufactured products for some on New Zealand's major construction projects. Ranging from standard off the shelf laminated bearings to highly customised lock up devices and large movement modular expansion joints. SH20 Manukau Harbour Cross

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