SICE ITS, Tunnel and Tolling Systems Integration

Sociedad Ibérica de Construcciones Eléctricas S.A. (SICE) is a systems and services integrator company specialising in intelligent transportation solutions for industrial, environmental and telecommunication management systems. As a systems integrator SICE is constantly up-to-date with all evolving technologies without being constrained by any one, and is therefore able to offer tailor-made solutions based on open sources and which are easily upgradable.

SICE also provides technical consulting and auditing, basic and detailed engineering, provision, installation, start up and maintenance (both preventive and corrective), including technological research and software development to allow for tailor-made client-specific solutions.

Advanced traffic management systems for roads and tunnels

SICE is a world-leading system integrator in ITS and tunnels systems design, development and deployment. By using the latest technologies in ITS and tunnel management and control systems, SICE guarantees maximum security to users driving on arterial roads. SICE has developed in-house software allowing the management of road and tunnels, and roads with tunnels, which is currently integrated with the majority of the equipment vendors.

The Madrid Calle 30 project, which includes the inner ring road of the city and largest urban tunnel ever built, counts on SICE’s management systems to monitor and control all its E&M systems from a centralised control centre and backup centre. This complex system comprises 21 servers, 18 workstations, 735 distributed control PLCs, 975 CCTV cameras, 70,000m of radiating cable, 652 traffic lights, 93 variable message signs and 440 graphic signs, not to mention various other vital components which need to be monitored by a reliable and specialised management system.

With a recently awarded project in New Zealand, SICE counts over 60 projects and over 120km of tunnels controlled with SICE’s management solution. Furthermore, SICE has deployed over 100 ITS systems, with hundreds of kilometres of highways controlled with this proprietary traffic management system.

Toll collection systems

Since SICE delivered the first tolling system on the AP7 Highway in Valencia, Spain, our strategy in tolling has been to invest in research and development to expand our range of tolling products to satisfy the evolving needs of our clients.

Starting with the traditional canalised tolling systems (manual and/or automatic lanes), introducing electronic toll collection (manual and/or dedicated dynamic lanes), and incorporating shadow tolling to our portfolio, we are finally able to offer cutting-edge technology with multi-lane free-flow tolling systems fitted to all electronic tolling (AET) and open-road tolling (ORT) projects.

Integrating ETC systems operating with 900MHz, 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz, GSSA1, ISO 15509, SICE has developed the most sophisticated driver systems and integrated one of the highest numbers of electronic tolling products in the market.

Multi-lane free-flow tolling systems

SICE is one of the few companies that not only provides back-office solutions based on SAP but also in-house development; a result of our vast experience and exposure to iconic projects worldwide, as well as an in-depth understanding of our clients’ needs.

SICE’s capability in providing turnkey solutions eliminates the integration gaps that risk appearing between roadside equipment systems (RSE) and those provided for tolling operation and customer service. Our experience and capability throughout these different projects, combined with our quick adaption to the needs of the contractor, means that any worries about toll operation and billing management will be under control.

The incorporation of SICE’s tolling point concentrator and controller permits our clients to count with a multi-provider tool, which works with equipment from different manufacturers without diminishing the performance of the system.

The flexibility of our model also allows the integration of different technologies; for example, canalised toll lanes, multi-lane DSRC free-flow and satellite tolling, into a single back-office as well as operating different concessionaires with the same back office system.

SICE’s multi-concessionaire, multi-RSE provider, multi-service and multi-technology approach provides outstanding quality and high-performance solutions readily available to our clients.

Environmentally friendly transport system

The green bus rapid transit (BRT) or e-Bus is the result of the BRT’s evolution to a sustainable overground urban transport solution. SICE has developed an integrated solution for mass-transport systems in medium-sized cities, which fulfils all the expectations for a modern transport system:

  • Attractive vehicle design
  • Green and sustainable power
  • Affordable cost
  • Good transport capacity
  • High-quality stations

These new transportation guidelines have been trialled at SICE’s Riyadh project, and have resulted in:

  • Dedicated bus lanes with comprehensive coverage
  • High-frequency buses
  • Priority bus lanes
  • Off-bus fare collection
  • Level boarding

Global presence

With a total of 20 area offices in Spain and 36 offices worldwide, SICE is currently present in over 28 countries on five continents.

Our accomplishments in different countries such as Australia, Chile, South Africa and Greece is a testament to the success of our tailor-made service provision, capable of adapting to the differences in our clients’ traffic and toll management needs.

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Press Release

100 Years at Society’s Service Through Technology

On 8 January 2021, SICE turned 100 years old and every day during this last century, SICE has been very present in people’s lives.

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Toll Collection Systems

With more than 30-years’ experience in the development of toll collection systems, international systems integration company SICE implements tolling solutions all around the world with designs adapted to each specific situation.

SICE SPAIN Headquarters

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Press Release

28 January 2021

On 8 January 2021, SICE turned 100 years old and every day during this last century, SICE has been very present in people’s lives.

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9 November 2020

WestConnex | Transurban has entrusted SICE to support a complex ecosystem of safety systems by signing a three-year fixed price support contract for the M4 and M8.

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28 October 2020

WestConnex is the largest road infrastructure project in Australia.

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19 October 2020

During the first half of the year, SICE has been awarded new contracts in the US that both strengthen and grow the company's presence in the country.

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23 July 2020

It’s been three years since Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency opened the Waterview Tunnel to traffic in the early hours of the 2 July 2017.

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12 August 2019

Last month, the new tunnel on Sydney's M4 motorway between Homebush and Haberfield was opened.

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10 April 2019

On 21 March, three new tunnels managed by the SIDERA software, a platform developed by SICE, opened to traffic on A-23 (Monrepós). The SIDERA-OP platform currently manages and monitors eight tunnels from the Tunnel Control Center in Monrepós.

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2 April 2019

SICE will be responsible for the delivery of the OMCS head-end system for the M4-M5 Link Tunnels (Stage 3A) and the Integrated OMCS (IOMCS) for the entire WestConnex scheme.

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8 March 2019

More than 100,000 drivers that used the Alaskan Way Viaduct per day are now able to use the new SR 99 Tunnel to travel to and from downtown Seattle.

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22 February 2019

The EPE project that includes Advance Traffic Management System (ATMS) and Toll Management System (TMS), will be the first comprehensive ITS system to be implemented in the country and will improve the management, maintenance and flow of the EPE traffic.

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8 February 2019

For a period of four years and five months, the consortium comprised by Viapass (Cobro Electrónico de Peaje, SA de CV) and SICE will be responsible for the management of the electronic toll collection subject to performance standards in the highway network granted to Mexico’s National Infrastructure Fund (Fonadin).

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20 December 2018

SICE has been awarded its first contract in Stockholm, Sweden, to deploy traffic systems along 55km of the tunnels currently being built by the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket).

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30 July 2018

As a company that develops and implements integrated solutions for managing and controlling Smart transportation systems, SICE has provided infrastructure with Smart Systems in over 346km of tunnels.

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5 July 2018

SICE manages more than 2,500km of roads and 346km of tunnels with SIDERA, SICE’s Tunnel Management Software.

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19 March 2018

The first field test, which was carried out on 20 February at the A-8 in the presence of the Director-General of Traffic Mr Gregorio Serrano López, demonstrated the system effectiveness.

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13 March 2018

With a larger exhibition area than in previous years, Intertraffic Amsterdam remains one of the largest and most influential events worldwide concerning smart mobility, infrastructure, traffic management, road safety and parking.

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7 March 2018

The ITS lighting, signalisation and signing works, required in these projects will be added to those already carried out since the company was established more than ten years ago.

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2 January 2018

SICE has signed a new maintenance contract with Southampton City Council to maintain the Itchen Bridge Tolling System. This agreement binds both parties for a period of three years, until December 2020.

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9 July 2017

The New Zealand (NZ) Government claims the 2.5km tunnel, the New Zealand’s longest, will be the biggest change to Auckland’s traffic since the Harbour Bridge was opened.

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4 July 2017

One of Australia’s largest tollways, EastLink, has successfully switched over to a new state-of-the-art tolling back office system and customer website, provided by SICE, the global intelligent transport systems provider.

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20 February 2017

This work, together with the agreement signed with Prince for the I-95 project and the last awarding in Orlando, strengthen SICE’s presence in the US within the ITS and toll sectors.

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26 July 2016

SICE has won an ITS contract to provide lighting, traffic lights and vertical signalling systems to the I-95 highway in Miami.

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19 July 2016

SICE has strengthened its presence in Central Florida with two new intelligent transportation system (ITS) projects in Orlando.

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15 July 2016

On 20 April, President of the Republic of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, accompanied by the Minister of Transport, Natalia Abello and Vice President, Germán Vargas, inaugurated the Crespo Ring Road in Cartagena.

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27 April 2016

CPB Contractors Samsung John Holland Joint Venture has awarded SICE with the contract to the design, construction, installation and commissioning of SICE's proprietary Operation Management Control System (OMCS) SIDERA for WestConnex, Stage 1 in Sydney.

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1 April 2016

SICE is to exhibit its intelligent signalling system and LIDA devices at this year's Intertraffic Amsterdam exhibition from 5-8 April.

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21 January 2016

SICE Canada has completed the installation of the Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) along the Rt. Hon. Herb Gray Parkway corridor and the remaining section of Highway 401 (3km), which was opened on 21 November 2015.

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11 September 2015

Last 30th July, the traffic general director, Ms. María Seguí, opened the new traffic management centre 'Pirineos-Valle del Ebro' at the business park expo Zaragoza, the most modern of the statewide network, capable of controlling more than 2,685km, and 2,000 cameras across the country.

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1 September 2015

The Well-Connected Alliance have decided to self-perform the delivery of the Tunnel and Traffic Management and Control System (TTMCS) through SICE.

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7 April 2015

SICE hands over their Smart City Project to the municipality of "Pozuelo de Alarcón" (Madrid-Spain), deploying a "Smart City Management Platform" to integrate several systems, such as management of parking systems, energy efficiency in municipal buildings, intelligent irrigation systems and light sensors.

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15 July 2014

As a partner in the firm Salam Sice Tech Solutions (SSTS), SICE has been awarded the ‘ATMS on Salwa and Dukhan Highways’ project by Ashgal, Qatar’s Public Works Authority.

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15 July 2014

On 28 May, SICE and ConnectEast signed an agreement for the development, delivery and maintenance of a new tolling back office system, SICE Billing and Invoicing System (BIS).

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17 February 2014

SICE has been awarded the contract to deliver the ITS system for the I-75 Express segment E in Miami. Segment E represents one of five Design-Build Projects that together extend from NW 170th Street in Miami-Dade County to I-595 in Broward County.

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7 February 2014

The South African city of Tshwane has trusted SICE to provide its inhabitants with the benefit of cutting edge technology in the field of advanced urban traffic systems.

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7 February 2014

SICE has been awarded a specialist sub-contract package for the Operation and Management Control System (OMCS) to be delivered for the M5 West Widening Project.

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12 March 2013

The Humber Bridge Board (HBB) has recently selected SICE for the complete renovation of the existing Tolling System. SICE will replace the current toll plaza introducing a combination of ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) and ORT (Open Road Tolling) lanes enabling those vehicles equipped with a dsrc transponder (tag) to circulate through the toll plaza without stopping or reducing the speed.

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4 February 2013

The Port of Miami Tunnel and Access Improvement Project is a major infrastructure project that will provide direct highway access to the Port of Miami whilst supporting its growth and competitiveness. The Port of Miami is currently one of world's busiest cruise ports, also considered a strategic cargo hub for the region and the second largest economic generator for Miami-Dade County.

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28 January 2013

SICE Inc., a subsidiary of SICE in the USA, has been honoured by the mayor of Miami-Dade County with the Key of the County, as well as with a plaque by the City of Coral Gables. The event took place on December 11th, organized by the Beacon Council, the official organization of economical development of Miami-Dade, and it was a recognition of the expansion of the operations of SICE in the Miami-Dade County along the year 2012.

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20 December 2012

SICE has been awarded a specialist sub-contract package for the Operation and Management Control System (OMCS) to be delivered for the Tintenbar to Ewingsdale Pacific Highway upgrade.

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24 October 2012

SICE, in partnership with Mexican OCACSA, has been awarded the agreement to carry out the operation of the highway Atlacomulco-Maravatío, including toll collection, acquisition, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of buildings, facilities, tolling system, electronic tolling, ITS and communications as well as emergency care, right of way management and user services of the highway in compliance with performance standards.

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