Strukturas Concrete, Segmental and Cantilevered Bridge Building Equipment

Strukturas is a highly specialized Norwegian engineering company with its main activities in the area of steel-related structures: industrial facilities; offshore structures; bridge structures; and bridge building equipment.

Our STRUKTURAS MSS (Movable Scaffolding System) for building cast-in-situ concrete bridges, STRUKTURAS LG (Launching Gantry) for segmental bridges and STRUKTURAS FT (FormTraveller) for cantilevered bridges have been involved in the construction of hundreds of bridges worldwide ever since 1971.


Since the early 1970s Strukturas has pioneered the development of the both overhead and underslung movable scaffolding systems worldwide. Our design of unique hinge connection has made it possible to build superstructures with a horizontal radius down to as little as 120m. Completely prefabricated reinforcement cages can be lifted into position. Where height restrictions pose no problem then an underslung MSS is usually the preferred solution. The internal formwork system is generally the same on both the overhead and underslung MSS. Formwork panels of approximately 5m in length are folded and transported from one span to the next using a rolling wagon, which runs on rails. The cycle speed of the MSS will be determined to a large extent by the rolling wagon and internal formwork design; usually our MSS operate on a weekly cycle.


The advanced formtraveller is a cost-effective and reliable solution. Our optimized design leads to an economical and flexible formwork system for your cast-in-situ bridges. Both the overhead and the underslung FT are designed for free cantilever construction of pre-stressed box girder and cable-stayed concrete bridges. The overhead FT can be installed on pier heads as small as 3m wide with the use of a special cross support. The cross support saves time and money by using the FT to replace expensive pier head formwork. Special design solutions for the underslung formtraveller can include a transportation and lifting system for placing prefabricated cages.


Constant ongoing design enhancements and the search for the perfect equipment for different project requirements provide us with a variety of solutions as a basis for handling future challenges.

Strukturas launching gantries consist of two independent self-supporting main structures combined with advanced lifting equipment, creating an exceptionally flexible system for both the free cantilever and the span-by-span-method.

The implementation of hinged connections between the main components has made it possible to erect spans with a horizontal radius down to 75m. Our “glue-as-you-go” procedure is a special erection method for wet-joint span-by-span segmental bridges. A stiff main girder allows limited pre-loading of the gantry, avoiding time consuming double handling.


With the aid of computer technology, Strukturas is taking steel development further to produce creative and technically advanced solutions.

Strukturas conforms to ISO 9001 and is committed to quality in every link of the value chain. Our services include project management, planning, specification preparation, technical and financial calculations, site management, design and drawings.

Over many years of experience we have collected considerable knowledge from a large number of projects.


When supplying bridge building equipment, Strukturas prides itself on producing quality design solutions that not only perform as intended but also exceed expectations. Over 25 years in the construction and offshore industry has provided us with the experience to meet these commitments.

Believing in the concept of quality from conception to completion of a project is the key to providing safe innovation solutions on time and within budget. At Strukturas we are committed to quality in every aspect of our working environment.

Quality builds trust and trust builds business.

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